WPPI Second Half Competition 2015 and Back Down the Rabbit Hole – Professional Toronto Photographer

Well I  received my scores from WPPI 2nd Half

This year, I decided to enter three images in total.
Were they good enough for WPPI?

Yes and no actually.

Entering this year was all last minute….which it really should not be.
I sat there, and literally gunned through some albums in record time…and picked three that I thought were pretty good.
This year I haven’t had much of a chance to put together concepts …but here’s to that changing in 2016!
(Yes that is my excuse.)

Print competition  is an emotional journey of continuously seeking validation. Validation of still being good…validation of  not being afraid…and validating that I still am able to be somewhat creative and well, create.

It’s hard though. Like really really hard.

Image needs improvement in post production.

I look at my pictures and love them and am proud of them. I become emotionally vested in them. Which can be both a good…and a bad thing.
Good because that emotion can allow the artist to put through in pictures what one is feeling and what we wish to show the world.
Bad because we become so attached that we think that we are submitting a photograph that is whoah just awesome and will score high…and yet…the judges crit comes back
and 9 times out of 10 in WPPI…what they have to say is the truth and crash boom bah…down we go through the rabbit hole to start all over again.

That photograph needs more work.

Print competition ups the ante.
In order to enter you need to feel confident that you can compete with some of the best photographers from around the world.
You need the stomach for it even if all the time you are prepping and prepping your photographs you feel like you want to leave your guts on the floor.
You need to have the patience to look at your photograph and decimate it and allow others the same.
You need to leave your ego at the front door.
You need to look at that photograph that you are about to enter and say to yourself, “If this was not mine, how would I judge it? How can this image be made better? Can it be made better
or do I need to re-shoot the whole concept over again?”

Print competition isn’t just about going up and competing against others though.
I find it more of pitting myself against myself.
Can I put together something this year that was better than the last?

Me versus me.

Unique concept. I wish the composition had been treated over a little differently. Rule of thirds would help the Image.

Any photograph with a score of 80 and above is added to the winners gallery.

I entered three.

One scored a 75…and rightly so as it needed more finessing.

The second scored a 79…which to be honest I think it maaaybe could have gone a point or two up…but again, fair’s fair.

Cute and kind of funny. Good light.

I get it.

The third scored an 81.

I’m proud of that score. But maaan that 85 is so elusive…and that 90…oh my that 90 is what I am so going to be striving for.

Back down I go through my rabbit hole…and will strive for some better shows for 2016.

At the end of the day that is what competition is about for me.
Striving to make a better picture…

I’ll still take this though….I will definitely still take it.

Newborn Photography Toronto


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This scored a 75 out of a possible 100.

Toronto Buskers






This one received a score of 79 out of a possible 100.

Toronto Professional Photographer




Tamsin Lambert - Great advice. These competitions are hard I would be super proud of my scores.

merryfields photography - Thank you Tamsin!
They are hard and I am proud…but still need work lol!

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