Toronto Zoo Visit 2012

This is going to be a combination of two days that we went to the zoo here in Toronto.

Our first visit was during March break. My son really really wanted to go see the grizzly bears, and me, not knowing how far away they were, said of course, yes!

So we went to the zoo where it was absolutely jam packed with people. People were literally waiting for over an hour in line. I decided to buy the year pass, and that way you can for the most part bypass the line ups.

So off we went to see the grizzlies. It took us two  hours to walk down there!! TWO  HOURS.

The grizzlies were sleeping, and didn’t care for the fact that we trudged all the way down there to see them. Lol…mind you, if I was them I wouldn’t either.

Even lying down, they are very majestic creatures.

Our second trip to the zoo, we went to see the baby polar bear. That has to be one of the cutest and squishiest bears I have ever seen! They still haven’t named the bear but you can go to  to vote.

We also for the first time ever were able to see the Arctic Wolf.  All in all an amazing day that we all enjoyed!

Hope you enjoy the photos from the two days combined!




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