Toronto Newborn Photographer- Twins {JM} & {ML} !

I was very lucky to meet these two-albeit briefly-a few days after they were born, in the NICU.

These little munchkins were born about 2 months early.

Mum & Dad have shown a lot of courage, love and strength-which I really admire them for.


I know, speaking for myself that having one child at a time is pretty hard…let alone two…or more…at once.

Twins…double the work…yet double the reward.

So here I was….lucky (very very lucky!) to be photographing these little 4 monthers!

They made us work for it…and work hard but as you will see…!!

Thank you both for not just your help in calming them (six hours worth!!)…but your trust in allowing me to photograph your two most precious treasures.








George Papanastasiou - beautiful!

Jeanie Dagonas Papaconstantinou - Live the pics! So proud of my little niece and nephew!!!

Eva Cavan-Kyriakides - Sooo incredibly sweet! I love them!

Cathy Proikakis - OMG. So beautiful!!! Na sas zisoune!!!

John Dagonas - Incredible pictures.When you see them everyday you don’t see how different they look and how quickly they have grown. Mind you I am still in shock of what Maryletta did to me the other day.I am still cleaning up.

Nancy Athan-mylonas - They are just adorable.Soon you will see them dancing.

Beckah Greenwood - Beautiful photos and beautiflul photography. As always <3.

Voula S - Love you JM & M, such little angels! xoxo

Despina Savvides - Na eiste kala na ta xereste Gianni mou!!!Filia se oli tin oikogrnia !!!

Zmaro Papazoglou-White - Adorable monkeys!

Joanne Papaconstantinou - They’re so cute!! So happy for Christy & Mark!!

Eleni Kastanis-Sahlas - I remember our twin grandaughters born after their older brother was just two years old.They were adorable.!Going home and having three little ones to care for was a LOT of work,totally worth it. :)They are now five years old and their brother seven ,different needs still a lot of work .They are all lovely and they keep us busy…I love all the photos they are amazing.!

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