Toronto Family Photographer-All Work and No Play…

I was doing my usual today.

Clean my house, feed the kiddies, get some laundry done and do some editing.

It’s summer time. The sky is that gorgeous blue that almost feels like a meadow of cornflowers beaming down on you. You can smell that sweet smell of fresh cut grass, and see the butterflies flitting about. It’s a time for melting ice-cream, water toys, pools, splash pads, and all the other good stuff that comes with summer.

So I thought of these things while I did my cleaning, laundry and editing.

I looked at my kids and had an epiphany.

I did NOT want to clean, do laundry and I’ll be honest…did not want to edit either. What I wanted was to relax a bit and enjoy the summer (or parts of it at least) with my children.

Don’t get me wrong. Do I love to edit? Yep I do. But today…nyet…lol!

I figured, that I need to make time for my kiddies. Always.

I also figured that they are only going to be this little for a little bit, and cleaning, laundry, and editing…can wait until later in the evening…and honestly, I really don’t mind mopping floors at midnight!  😀

Long story short, I took the kids to the beach. They loved it and I loved them loving it.

Moral of the story: Life moves on. Partake and enjoy!


Newborn Baby Photographer Phoenix AZ - awww..those pictures are so adorable!

Beckah Greenwood - A must needed reminder for all of us! <3

Erin Hensley - Love it! Trying to do this more as well <3.

Kay Frimpter Harmon - Love it. What a fun day!

Anastasia - They Look so adorable!!!

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