Steve Harvey, Von Doughnuts and the Beginning of Our Culinary Expedition

One day last week, the kids and I were watching tv together while having a snack.
We were watching The Steve Harvey Show.

I love Steve Harvey. One of the original Kings of Comedy , his sharp wit and classy demeanor has always made me a big fan of his.

Anyhow, we were watching the show where they were having a doughnut competition.
My son-who wants to be a chef- said, “Why don’t we have that kind of a doughnut store here in Toronto ?”

I figured that we must have something like this in Toronto. I mean, with such a huge variety and diverse population, I thought that for sure
someone has thought up of creating gourmet doughnuts.

So I Googled ‘gourmet doughnuts in Toronto’.
I was right.
There are many, many–did I say many!? – gourmet doughnut stores in Toronto!! So where to start right?
Well, we picked one and chose a day to go.

The idea here is that my kids and I are going to explore various culinary delights-kid friendly obviously- from doughnuts to pad thai to whatever, through out Toronto.
I want my children to not only experience the city but to experience various other cultures, food stuffs and what not that they probably will not encounter at home.

I don’t make doughnuts, and to be totally honest…I hate doughnuts. Like hate hate doughnuts.  I hate how unnatural they taste and how fake the flavoring is.
So I thought that this would be interesting to do as well for myself…and maybe have my mind changed.

While the two little heathens were super excited about this…my son was over the moon.
He decided that in order to keep track that we should implement a rating system, of 1 to 5 and grade taste, texture, and visual appeal.

Our first adventure took us to Von Doughnuts on 713 Danforth Avenue.

Toronto Foodie

They are a gourmet doughnut bakery that serves their doughnuts fresh (and trans fat free!!) every day and also caters.

Their decor is sleek and modern with orange and grey tones. It’s super comfortable to hang out in and we loved the seating that they have in the front, which
allowed us to get a peek at the street scene.

Jennifer, was super friendly and was explaining to my kiddos what Doughnut Showdown is all about.
Von Doughnuts is going to be a contestant on the Season 2 Premiere of Doughnut Showdown on September 8th at 9PM EST on the Food Network Channel so make sure you watch the show!
*Maybe pick up a dozen or so to watch it with?* hint hint…

gourmet dougnuts Toronto


As soon as my daughter saw the “Mangiacake” …she made her choice. Like seriously, just look at it! She loves pretty, sparkles and anything sweet….so there was her choice.

Kid Friendly



My son chose his…based not just on how lovely this doughnut looked…but on the name as well!
He couldn’t stop laughing about the name! His doughnut is called “The Sappy Pig“!

Kid Friendly


I’m a big sweet and savory fan and love caramel with salt…so this was my choice. Caramel Salt N’ Pepa…oh my.

Gourmet Doughnuts


They also serve amazing coffee! I loved my Americano (black)!

Fresh Coffee


They also have tea…a pretty wide selection of tea. But I do love my coffee…so perhaps next time I’ll take a try at one of their lovely flavors.

My son ordered the Sappy Pig which is a maple dipped, with bacon (yes bacon!!)topped along with peanut butter and Valrhona chocolate drizzled on top.
He gave this doughnut overall 5 for it’s superb taste, beautiful look and he loved the texture of how smooth the doughnut was combined with the bacon on top.

My daughter ordered the Mangiacake. A vanilla dipped caramel and cheese popcorn doughnut sprinkled with gummy’s and sprinkles.
As soon as she saw that doughnut she was jumping up and down! What girl doesn’t like sprinkles?!
She gave that doughnut an overall 4. She loved how it looked but she found the taste not as strong as the other two doughnuts and felt that it could have more taste.

Mine was the Caramel Salt N’ Pepa…or as I like to call it, my total Heavenly Dream Come True!
This doughnut…dipped in caramel and drizzled with Vahrlona chocolate, sea salt and crushed a fantastical combination!
The flavor just explodes in your mouth and I love the duality of the sweetness tempered by the salt and pepper corns!
Overall…5, 5 and 5 again and again!

Fresh doughnuts

Von Doughnuts was such a treat to visit! I have never in my life had a doughnut like this. Seriously delicious.
Go take a peek, take your kids and make sure that you look at their doughnut menu. I love that not all doughnuts are offered every day, which pretty much ensures that you are getting
something super fresh!

We will definitely be going back to Von Doughnuts to try out the rest of their flavors….or I might just stick with the Caramel Salt N’ Pepa.
I’m a convert…from hating doughnuts…to loving me some Von Doughnuts!

Take a peek at the rest of their menu of wonderfully delicious doughnuts here:

Ashley - Those look delicious! This is such an creative approach to broadening your children’s experiences…and palates! Well done!

Cari - Great images! These made me hungry!!

heather - Great images from what looks to have been a great adventure! And now I’m craving a gourmet doughnut because they looked delicious!

merryfields photography - Thank you Ashley! They were delicious! I’m also happy to say that the kids are looking forward to selecting the next place we are going to check out food wise!

Heather…just do it! 😉

Thank you Cari!

Katie Brockpahler - Those look amazing and I am so inspired to bring my camera along to little family outings like this! I need to do that more (and not just the iphone)!

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