Safety in Baby & Child Photography

A lot of times I get:

“How do you do such and such a pose?”
“How does the baby stay up like that for you to photograph them?”

The truth is very carefully.

Babies & children are very precious. Safety is always first and foremost and the picture last.

Every professional photographer who photographs these precious little ones should be using safe methods in photographing them.

There are some babies who are more bendy than others. When I am doing simple poses on the beanbag, I can see that.
There are some babies that can go into a pose easier than others and some not at all where the photographer needs to just keep things simple.

The key is to never ever force them.

If as a parent you decide on custom portraiture, please ensure that your photographer practices safety first.
If at any time you are NOT comfortable with something a photographer is doing, TELL THEM.
It’s you’re right and there is no need to feel uncomfortable about letting the photographer know your wishes.

A professional should respect your concerns.

Here are some samples on how I take the photographs and PLEASE do NOT try this on your own with your baby or child!!

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Dad’s hands are on baby at all times and he is sitting right beside the beanbag.

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Again, parents are right beside the baby at all times and baby is being supported.

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Baby’s neck is fragile and not developed yet, so dad is providing support at all times.

Toronto Newborn Photographer



Toronto Newborn Photographer

Even when they are able to sit up on their own, a parent should be sitting beside the baby/child to spot them.


Toronto Newborn Photographer

Baby was 3 months old for this photograph. Again, both parents on either side of their child supporting and spotting.


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