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At merryfields photography we offer  a variety of  fine art products,  from high quality gift prints to museum grade hand stretched gallery wraps and fine art albums.
merryfields photography uses a trusted top of the line professional lab for all of your fine art pieces to ensure quality and longevity.

merryfields photography offers two types of collections.
The first collection is a combination of print and digital photographs.
The second collection is a digital photograph only collection.
All digital collections (minimum of 10 digitals) come on a custom usb key.

merryfields photography album 2017

merryfields photography albums and products 2017

merryfields photography custom keepsake box and prints 2017 Toronto

merryfields photography prints

merryfields photography gallery wrap 2017

merryfields photography custom keepsake box and usb 2017 Toronto



How adorable are these? They tuck right into your purse/bag and are held together with little magnets.


What do your walls look like?

Please call (647) 401-2690 or email Effie at  for more information.


All session fees and products are subject to HST.

Please note that merryfields photography cannot guarantee the quality, coloring or the clarity of the prints that result from printing with a lab other than our professional lab. Any questions regarding the aforementioned, or pertaining to enlargements must be directed to the establishment where you receive your reproductions.



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