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Sweet Miss { D } ‘s 9 Month Session – Toronto Baby Photographer

Not only is she feisty, but little Miss D is just full of smiles and absolutely adorable to photograph!
I’m really loving getting to watch her grow for the year!
Enjoy the sneak peek!

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Katherine - I giggled at the image of little Miss D chewing on her fun owl hat! Love that you showed the images from her newborn session to present…how fun is that beach picture!

heather - This is my FAVORITE baby age! Look at all those adorable faces you were able to capture!!

Chantal - These are so adorable!!! I love your set ups especially the chevron one!

Amanda - What a cutie!! I LOVE that little poke a dot dress!!

Brittany - She is so cute! Love the theme!

Kristy Mutchler - This session made me laugh out loud! Perfect!

Candy Hoehn - She is too cute! I love all the different setups you have. So much variety!

Amy O'Neal Productions - Oh these are GORGEOUS!!!

Cake Smash Fun for Little Miss { A } – Toronto Baby Photographer

Can you say adorable??
Miss A was so lovely to work with and I loved how big brother wanted to get in the suitcase with her!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

Gretchen - What a sweet girl! Love her expression in that last one on the left! Great session!

Angela Ramsey - I love hoe big brother wanted to get in the suitcase also. Love the colors in the images. Nice work!

Katie Brockpahler@gmail.com - Aww! She is adorable!! Great photos! I always like seeing cake smash photos!

Candy Hoehn - What a wonderful cake smash session! I love that banner! Where did you get it from?

merryfields photography - Thank you everyone! I loved loved photographing this little girl and her brother!

Candy, the banner is something that I made. Thank you!

Katherine - You sure have the cutest props! That polka dot tutu is darling

Mary Peterson Cook - I so can say adorable! These are fantastic! I love the one of the close up, she’s already a little model, giving you the best expressions! So cute!

heather - She is ADORABLE! I love how you styled her session!

Sarah - So expressive! What a doll face.

Anelle - What a super cake smash!! I love all the expressions and set-ups! The second to last one made me smile :)

Kristy Mutchler - What a sweet little birthday girl!!!

Amy O'Neal Productions - These are beautiful! Love the pearls!!

Cake Smash for Baby { N } – Toronto Baby Photographer

After a fabulous year of photographing this little one, we had her cake smash a few days ago.
At a year old, it can be so so hard to get them to sit still for a tiny bit of time to get the pictures that you want…but we did it!
A big thank you to mum for her patience and for the amazing honor of photographing her little miracle.

Enjoy your sneak peek!

Toronto Baby Photographer

Toronto Baby Photographer

I just love how her little foot goes up!

Toronto Baby Photographer

Toronto Baby Photographer

Toronto Baby Photographer

Toronto Baby Photographer

Anelle - Oh, these are beyond precious! The one where she looks like she is deliberately pushing her foot into the cake made me laugh! GORGEOUS!

Candy Hoehn - What a perfect one year old cake smash session. So much color and variety.

Katherine Mendieta Photography - That quilt is such a gorgeous background. Darling little girl!

Brianna - So fun!

Jennifer Esneault - Precious! Love the last part where you show how she’s grown! Treasured memories!

merryfields photography - Thanks everyone!
It’s amazing to have the privilege of watching this little ones grow over the year!

Brand New Baby { M } – Toronto Newborn Photographer

This sweet little guy was 16 days old when I had the pleasure of photographing him and his family.
I had the most amazing time with them and the laughs were great!
Big brother was an absolute -and yes I mean absolute- star during the session!

Enjoy the sneak peek of one of THE cutest babies ever!!

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Candy Hoehn - All of these are so beautiful! I love the sibling shots and the greens.

Samantha Zenewicz - I am in love with that brown fur! He looks so peaceful. Beautiful job!

Katherine Mendieta Photography - His big brother is so excited and in love with him! Melts my heart :)

Ashley - big brother kissing baby is way too cute! great photos!

Kristy Hewitt Mutchler - How sweet is he kissing his big brother!!!

Brianna Moore Fisher - Absolutely adorable.

Lynette - I love sibling shots how sweet!

merryfields photography - Thanks everyone!
It was amazing photographing them!

Christina Marotto - They are just the sweetest!

Newborn Baby { A ) – Toronto Newborn Photography

Last week I was able to cuddle sweet Baby { A }!
He’s my first baby for 2014…and a Christmas baby to boot!
Enjoy the sneak peek!

Toronto Newborn Photography

Toronto Newborn Photography

Toronto Newborn Photography

Donna - Adorable. And I just love that close up…so sweet!

Candy Hoehn - I love all the close ups! I always forget to get those during the session and this reminded me…

cathy - What a handsome boy! He must made the family’s Christmas extra special!

Katie Brockpahler - He is so sweet! I love the last one with the toy !! PerfecT!

Matt - These are awesome. The first one is the best for me!

Keely - He is so cute! Love that first one

Samantha Zenewicz Photography - How adorable is he?! Lovely shots.

Katherine Mendieta Photography - Love his cute expression in that beautiful green wrap! So precious

Ashley - ok, that first image is so adorable!! he is way cute!

lorena - SO precious. Love that last one. Great shots.

Kristy Hewitt Mutchler - I love the close up in black and white! Sweet little lips!

Brianna Moore Fisher - Oh.my.gosh! Love the close ups!!

Eden - Adorable baby! Love the black and white one!

Shayna Hardy - Way too cute!! Love the red colors!

merryfields photography - Thanks everyone!
Newborns are always fun to photograph and this little guy was no exception!

Christina Marotto - I am in love the with green, he is such a cutie!

New Baby { J } – Toronto Newborn

Here is the last baby for 2013!

Baby J was a dream to work with! She slept and she cuddled…slept some more.
A big thank you to the parents for a wonderfully relaxing session!


Toronto Newborn Photography

Candy Hoehn - Beautiful newborn photos! I love that wrap!

Autumn Rudolph - Can’t get over the red bonnet! Adorable!

JoAnna - Look at that eye contact! Love these!

Marie Bohn - awww, she is so beautiful.

Amanda Crowley Wermers - she is perfect!!! Excellent session!!

merryfields photography - Thanks everyone!
She is gorgeous isn’t she?!

Who Turned One?! Little Miss { M } Did!

It’s a joy to watch a child grow.

From the little newborn that they are, all sleepy and sweet, to when they turn 3 months old and can lift their heads, to the 6 month mark when they are sitting up.

At 9 months  we have them crawling and then before we know it…the year has gone by and they are standing and walking.

 I loved seeing this family repeatedly and photographing their little girl over the year!


Brittany - She is super cute! I love the little mickey mouse ears!

Katherine - Her laugh is too cute, brought a smile to my face :)

Autumn Rudolph - love the minnie mouse ears! So cute!

merryfields photography - Thank you!
Autumn, mum is very nifty at knitting and did a Kai Lan hat for her little one that we photographed in from newborn all the way up to her 1 year session!

Carrie Cheng - So stinkin cute!

Christina Marotto - oh she is a cutie!

Kara - awwww – she is such a princess!! love all of these images – but especially love the progression one at the end with the hat – those kind of photos are always my favorites :D

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