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Sweet & Cuddly Newborn Baby { O } – Toronto Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure and honor of photographing this family with their first born little boy.
I was so lucky to be able to photograph him for pretty much the year!!
I am even luckier that I am now able to photograph both him and his sister for the year as well!

She is a little beauty!

Welcome baby O!

Toronto Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photographer



SugaShoc Photography - Beautiful newborn photos! I love the one in the little round tin can. It is such a treasure

Jackie Marcos - such a sweet session!

Lauren Pea Bee - Hahahahaha! That sassy girl is letting her brother know aaaaaaaall about it. Love these!

Sweet Newborn Baby { A } – Toronto Newborn Photographer

This little one was fantastic to photograph!
She made me work hard for her newborn photos , and it took her a while to settle for me, but so worth it all the way through out!

I’m really partial to this first one and the fantastic eye contact that she’s making! But then I’m also partial to how touching
and loving the parent pictures are….and let’s just say I love their whole gallery!!

A big thank you to the parents for allowing me to photograph their sweet little girl and thank you for the fun session!


Newborn Baby Photography


Newborn Baby Photography


Newborn Baby Photography




One Year Old Miss D’s Cake Smash – Toronto Child Photographer

Another year, another baby comes to the end of their milestone sessions with me through the Watch Me Grow Program.
A tad sad about this to be honest…

Little Miss D has been wonderful to photograph from when she was still a bean in mum’s tummy, to her one year cake smash session!

She is always a smiley baby, with the cutest and most expressive little face I have ever seen!
It’s been a joy and an honor to photograph her for the year and a big thank you to her parents for trusting in me that I will provide them
with beautiful memories of their beautiful little girl.


Beautiful cake by Nina’s Cupcakes.





Toronto Cake Smash


One Year Cake Smash


Toronto Cake Smash


Cake Smash


Watch Me Grow Program
Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months and 1 Year Old.
How she has grown!!



Sweet Newborn Baby { C } – Toronto Newborn Photographer

Full of little smirks and smiles, little miss baby { C } was a joy to photograph!
This little bundle is so so precious!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Baby Photography Toronto

Baby Photography Toronto

Baby Photography Toronto

Patricia Knight - This little way is just so adorable.

Katie Brockpahler - Awee so sweet! Love the smile and fresh baby butt I’m the air! So cute!

Keely - She is just gorgeous! Love that smiling one!!!

Lai - She’s so adorable! Please share more. I want to see the full session! Love the poker shot!

Happy First Birthday Mr. { M } !! – Toronto Baby Photographer

Another year has gone by so quickly with another little baby part of the Watch Me Grow Program!
This little guy has always been such fun to work with from when he was a newborn all the way through to his 1 year session!

He’s got a smile that lights you up inside and he’s one of the sweetest little cuddly babies I have had the joy to photograph!

Happy Birthday Mr. { M } !


Cake Smash Photography Toronto


Cake Smash Photography Toronto


Cake Smash Photography Toronto


Cake Smash Photography Toronto


Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months….and 1 year! Wow how time flies!!

10 Month Old Baby Girl – Toronto Child Photographer

This little one is sooo amazingly adorable!
She has the most expressions on her little face that I have ever seen on a child!

She’s always smiley and fun to photograph and puts a big smile on my face as well!


Child Photographer GTA

She looks like she’s floating in the sky here….

GTA Child Photographer

Child Photographer Toronto

Toronto Child Photographer

Toronto Baby Photographer

Baby Photographer Toronto

Cutest Baby

From being a fresh little newborn, to 3 months, to 6 and then 10 months old here!

Ashley - This is such a cute session! She has so much personality!! :)

Shuanna - What a cute session!! She has such a big smile and so pretty!! Beautiful photos!

Alina Thomas - She is soo adorable!

Aminul Islam - Nice Photo

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