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Little Newborn Baby { E } – Newborn Photographer

Well, I have to say it again, and again, and again. I have one of the best jobs in the world!!
How can I not when I get to cuddle with sweet sweet babies like this wee 6 pounder?!
Little baby { E } was a dream , and her parents were fun and so relaxing to work with!

Thank you for a wonderful time! I am so excited to have you guys on board for the year to photograph your little
princess’ milestones!


Miss { E } Is One!! – Toronto Child Photographer » merryfieldsphotography.com - […] When I first met this little one, she was an itty bitty tiny newborn. She was quiet and let me capture many beautiful photographs that her family now cherishes, and that you can view HERE. […]

Tiny Light Jordan – The Tiny Light Foundation

A while back, I made a decision to volunteer for The Tiny Light Foundation which is run by two fabulous women, Melissa Depape & Billie Depatie.
So long story short, I am a district manager of Ontario-where we match the Tiny Lights with photographers who have volunteered their time to participate and I am also a volunteer photographer.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a very beautiful family. They have a little boy named Jordan who was born a preemie at 24 weeks.  He has cerebral palsy, severe hearing loss, cortical visual impairment, acid reflux and chronic lung disease.
BUT that is NOT who he is. It’s what he has…but not who he is or is defined by.

He’s a little boy with one of the most gorgeous smiles I have every seen! He is a loving little boy who is happy and loves life and is loved so much by his parents.

I cannot say it any better than his parents so I will quote them directly:

“The hardest thing is to try to make others see Jordan as we do. We love him unconditionally and would do anything for him. He can do many things, but it just takes him some time. I have a hard time when people disregard him that he cannot do anything. The feeling about how much love and patience a person can have. I didn’t think that I could love someone so much. He is the light of my life. How through everything, Jordan is so very happy and content. He loves life and has fun with it. I don’t want Jordan to feel that he is “broken” or that there is something wrong with him. We try to be very positive with him and give him the experiences of any typical 2 year old.”

They sum it up with this:
Life should be celebrated, not frowned on because these kids are so full of love.

I could not have said it better.

Enjoy your sneak!

Little Miss { K’s } 6 Month Session – Toronto Baby Photographer

Miss K is a wee one I have been photographing for a while now, part of our Watch Me Grow Club.

She gives her smiles sparingly, but when she does, it’s like the sun has come out to light up your heart!

Here’s the little sweethearts sneak peek!



*Headbands and tie backs from Little Lamb Shop & Newborn Fancy

Erin Hensley - She is completely adorable! How fun to get to watch her grow and photograph her along the way!

Why Print Professionally ?

I know that in today’s digital age a lot of people always ask a professional photographer, “Well, I want the digitals so I can print myself, and  as many as I want. ” Or, “I just feel better having the digitals.”
Then when the photographer states that they do not sell digitals or that they sell them with a minimum print order, many consumers cannot understand what the big deal is.

Well, it is a big deal. Here you are, investing a lot of money for a professional to take your photos. Whether it is a wedding, portrait, your newborn or even your pet.

Most of us, do this because we love to. We love to photograph brides, babies,  families, animals etc., and we love love for our clients to be over the moon happy with the images & art that they are presented with.
So, after a session we will go through your images, selecting only the best, and most flattering for you to view. We will edit them with love and make sure that the final image you see, is what you expect to get,
since you placed your trust in us to photograph you and your loved ones.

Now we get to the ordering process.

You want the digitals and you want to print where you want.

After all that time you have spent in getting your family ready, to have their picture taken professionally, or perhaps you are the bride wearing your dream dress on that very special day having your photo taken while you are getting ready to go meet the love of your life, or perhaps you are having your precious newborn bundle photographed…and you have paid to have this day, this moment captured forever.  Because you know…you 100% know that these moments, will not come back ever.

But you want the digitals.

Here’s the problem with selling JUST digitals. All photo labs are NOT created equal. No where near. Rather than sit here and go into the technical aspect of how my professional lab calibrates their machines, checks my images to make sure they are printed properly, the type of paper and ink used, my work involved in cropping, sharpening etc.,  it’s best you have a visual.

I took two images to two consumer labs. I printed them without any enhancements.



So the next time you ask, can I get the digitals, perhaps think on how you would want that beautiful art that was created of you, your family, your baby , your wedding or your pet, displayed.

Linda - I LOVE this print comparison! That really shows the difference in quality that no one can refute. Fantastic!

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