Newborn Accreditation with the Professional Photographers of Canada

When I first heard about the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada), I must admit that I was intimidated.
Here are the real deal professionals in this industry. Where am I going, even thinking of joining up with them?!

But, I decided to take the plunge and it is one of THE best things I have ever done for myself to further my knowledge in a
profession I love!

After calling them to find out more about the association, I joined.

At my first branch meeting, the people there were fantastically welcoming
and tremendously helpful in giving sound advice, from how to better your photography, to how to better deal with
various situations in this industry.

I can honestly say that my skill level has increased a hundred fold by joining the PPOC.
I can also honestly say that being a member of an association like this has not only brought tremendous value to me and my business,
but to my clients as well.

What some people may not know about the PPOC is this.
Not only do we join the PPOC in order to become better at what we do, and become better at providing a fantastic experience
to our clients, but we are actually governed by a Code of Ethics.

As per the PPOC website:

An Accredited Professional Photographer of PPOC:

  • adheres to a stringent code of ethics and standards
  • constantly upgrades his/her skills through education seminars, conventions and regular print show competitions
  • observes the highest standard of honesty in all transactions
  • produces photographs of quality equal or superior to the samples he/she displays
  • applies his/her best efforts towards providing the best possible photographic services
  • maintains co-operation with fellow professional photographers by sharing knowledge to achieve and maintain the highest standard of quality
  • performs to a high standard of conduct in accordance with the code of ethics

As a member, we must adhere to this code. You as a client, have a right to contact the PPOC if you feel that there are any issues
that you cannot resolve with your professional photographer. At that point, the Ethics Committee involves themselves in order to
arbitrate between the two parties and come to an agreeable resolution.

You don’t get that with someone who just picks up a camera and decides to call themselves a pro photographer the next day, as these are the rules that PPOC
members follow.

That said, there are levels within the PPOC to be reached. I started out as an Observer member. Submitting my images for critique,
and again, getting tremendous help from various members of the PPOC on how to better my images in order for me to submit them for
Accreditation and take my work to a higher level.

Accreditation, as per the PPOC website is this:

“Accredited Professional Photographers of PPOC are specialists in their chosen field of photography.
Accreditation demonstrates that the photographer has been deemed capable of delivering image excellence in
that field by a panel of their peers, which sets them apart as being industry leaders.”

It means that you select 10 of your best images. You submit them, to a panel of professional judges  who will critique them and
judge them to see if your work is up to par as it should be in order to be recognized as a specialist in that specific field.

I really have to urge photographers wanting to take their photography to the next level,
to look into joining the PPOC.

Not only are there fantastic, like minded professionals to network with,
but there are tremendous opportunities available for learning and honing your craft to a higher degree.

Click here to join the PPOC

A tremendous thank you to the members of the Ontario PPOC branch for helping me, to the women of MTSP & CWP who gave me sound advice
and to my clients, who without you, I would not have been able to do anything!

Without further ado, this was my first time Newborn Accreditation submission, which I am over the moon that it got accepted!!



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