I don’t know about you, but when I was little and I had to go to the dentist, I would literally run screaming the other way and try to hide.

I hated going to the dentist.

You may say that hate is too strong of a word. I say if there was a word that was stronger than hate…it would apply here. Honest to goodness.

So we speed up from the time I was a child to now, where I have my own two beautiful children.

I am blessed beyond belief to have a wonderful dentist that my children LOVE going to. Seriously.

Dr. Gus Servinis is one of the gentlest, funniest, and kindest dentists I have ever met. He cracks jokes with my kids, talks about the bunny his kids have and shows them pictures of his floppy eared friend…who is really cute btw.  Um the bunny…well my dentist is cute too…but let’s move on with my story ok? ;)

Him and his staff put my children at ease and without a worry in the world they hop into the dental chair without a thought and with no trepidation what so ever.  Given my experiences with dentists in the past…to me this is a wonderful thing to see!

Anyhow, my daughter LOVES Dr. Servinis. She is 3 and thinks it a hoot to go to his office.

One day though I noticed she had a spot in behind her upper two front teeth. Uh oh I thought. My husband and I try our best to moderate all foods with our children, and that includes the occasional sweet, chocolate and juice.

The verdict? Cavities. Not cavity…plural…cavities.

My  heart plummeted and I was so stressed at what my daughter was about to endure going back to my own experiences. I mean come on…3 years old with a cavity?? To have a needle or needles poked into her mouth, fingers pulling her cheek open roughly, and drilling without a care if it’s hurting or not?!??!?


So we showed up for the appointment and I will confess and have no shame to saying it…I was more stressed out than she was. I had explained what was going to happen and my dear daughter would laugh and say ok. I thought she didn’t understand and I was scared because I thought that the great relationship she had with Dr. S, would go down the tubes.

I shouldn’t have stressed. At all. I should have trusted from my own experiences with Dr. S and his staff and not worried. AT ALL.

Dr. Servinis  chatted with her while he froze her gums with a spray. (yay to no needles!!) Then let her sit for a bit while it took effect….as you can see no worries on her face…she’s smiling and waiting for the show to get going….

Well he did such an awesome job that my daughter actually fell asleep during the drilling and during the time he filled in her cavities!!! I kid you not. Scroll down and you will see the proof of it lol!

So if anyone is looking for a fabulous dentist for themselves or their children who will put them at ease…feel free to call Dr. Gus Servinis at either of his two locations. Warden & Finch office (416) 756-7915  or his Pape & Danforth office (416) 469-2320. As I said earlier, it is a blessing to have a dentist like him and his wonderful staff.

Thank you Dr. S!!

Dallas Noftall - do you have Dr Gus’s e-mail or another way to contact him. THis is an emergency ….

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