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I think that I have to say that I am a very very lucky person. Lucky because I have a wonderful supportive family, and lucky because I have a wonderful job photographing people and capturing a bit of their essence.

To get to the point where I am at has been a long road, and that road isn’t even halfway done yet.  I know that it’s going to be a journey of ups, downs, surprises, and meeting wonderful people and new clients.

Which brings me to the wonderful people that I was priviledged to meet with, on Wednesday.

This was my second time being invited to speak on photography basics for a Mommy Connections North Toronto group which is  run by the beautiful and talented Sarah Rutka.

Mommy Connections is a wonderful program that  connects Moms, Dads & Families. It is social and interactive and they have Pre & Post Natal Programs all through out Canada.

If you are a mom to be, or a new mom, or dad please do yourself a favor and check out Mommy Connections North Toronto:

Mommy Connections does have other locations through out Canada which you can find on their website.

On Wednesday, I was there a bit early and I’m glad I was because they had the fabulous Carly Cooper who is a life coach and the owner of Balance the Mother Load.


Much of what Carly had to say to the group of moms  resonated with me as well.

It was informative and really really touched upon much of what I felt as both a first time mother who was over whelmed and a mother of two who continued to feel overwhelmed at times along with my journey of getting back my identity and my self.

Being a parent is hard at times.

If you are a mom, who is feeling overwhelmed, I really recommend Carly.

For more information feel free to check out her website: 


Back to the class at hand!

I’m one of those people who have an absolute fear of speaking to groups. Really I do! I know that many people will be shocked because I have done it before….but it always makes me nervous.

Lucky for me I had a wonderful group of women who were interested in being given some tips on how to take better photos of their own children and family.

I blogged about the tips and some of them can be found here:


So here I was surrounded by beautiful women with their beautiful babies! I mean how lucky can a children’s photographer  get right?!!?

I’ll leave you with some images from that day, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Ladies thank you very very much!! It was fun!


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