Mommy Connections North Toronto

I have to say that I am pretty lucky!

About once a month I have the privilege of teaching a mini photography class to the women signed up with Mommy Connections North Toronto.

Women and their babies sign up to Mommy Connections which makes a few fantastic  resources available to them.

They get to meet other moms with babies, they get to hear various speakers who talk about a variety of subjects from dealing with sensitive foods, to baby and toddler sleep clinic to balancing your life.

Who organizes all of this? Well, an absolute sweetheart of a person by the name of Sarah Rutka! Again, many thanks Sarah it was an honour and a privilege!

So if you are stuck for something to do this summer, go sign up with Mommy Connections North Toronto’s  Walk & Talk Summer Series in the Park.” 

From the last class, here are the gorgeous women and their gorgeous babies!

Ladies, have a wonderful summer and again thank YOU!

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