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Guess what today is?
International Data Privacy Day!
I never even knew that such a thing existed!

But it made me think about privacy and how it relates to my line of work, and I decided to expand a bit on that.

As a professional photographer, I obviously quite love and enjoy what I do for a living.

Photographing babies, children, couples, families, expecting mothers…it’s all amazing to me.

It’s amazing to meet new people and get to know them while photographing them and providing them with cherished beautiful moments they can treasure forever.

So let me back track a bit.

Some time ago, I had a session that was quite amazing. The parents were awesome, the session went smoothly and when I looked at the photos I was so so excited to share with everyone!

When I had the images ready, and I was brimming with excitement, I touched base with the parents and they said no.

Inside my head I had the following conversation with myself.

“NO?? What do they mean NO??
No what?? This session is amazing!!”

“No we do not want any images of ourselves or family shared on the internet, your blog, your website, Facebook…nowhere.”

Was I disappointed?
Yep. I was. That is the truth.

But reality is that when you are proud of your work, you do want to share it.

It’s a big arrow saying, “Look at me and the great work I do!” <—–truth and everyone else can deny as much as they want, but we all know that is true.

But what’s even more important to me, is respecting my clients rights. One of their rights is to maintain their privacy.

 I feel that it is  my clients right to choose on whether they want their images displayed publicly or not. I will always respect that.

That is one of the aspects of the session I do discuss with my clients beforehand, to let them know, that is their right.

No I do not charge extra to not publish those images. Personally, I don’t agree with charging extra for respecting privacy.

Just as I request clients respect copyright laws and my artistry; I think it only fair that I reciprocate.

I don’t know everyone’s situation, and to be honest, I don’t really need to. Clients need to be able to know that I will always act in a professional manner and respect their wishes, no questions asked.

What I as a professional photographer do, is get hired to capture moments that clients want to cherish forever.
I get hired to make my clients happy.

THAT is my job and the job of every photographer.

So what happens if you have already signed a contract, let me publish those images and all of a sudden you are in a situation that you are no longer comfortable with having your images online?

As a great photographer told me, (yes David you!):

“Even if your client has signed a release, and then asks you to remove an image – you do it immediately and graciously.”
And that is what I do.

Immediately. Graciously.

Toronto Photographer

Matt - I think every photographer feels the same way when the clients says NO to publicizing their images

AnnMarie - Well said. I completely agree!

Donna - Awesome. Great post!

Lisa Knutson Aamold - Great advice!! I feel the same. The customer isn’t always right but if it has to do with their privacy you do what they request.

Shuanna Ewing - I agree with this as much as I want to show those photos off, it’s their right to privacy and I always respect that.

Sarah - Such great information! I am so glad to hear that you have such great respect for your clients 🙂

jo thombs - great post! It can be frustrating when you want to share your awesome work but it is the client’s likeness and ultimately their right to the privacy especially when it comes to kids!

merryfields photography - Matt, you would be quite surprised then to know that no, not every photographer feels that way.

In some groups that I’m in there have been whole discussions where professional photographers -certified PPA, or PPOC or WPPI-have been adamant that when a client has booked them it is mandatory for them to use the photos in advertising, blogs, etc.

So perhaps I should have added that part to my blog as well…

Nichole L. - As my good friend, I’m sure you know why this hits close to home. Our privacy is something many hold dear, and should be understood, not mocked. I think you are a wonderful person for running your business this way.

Lindsay - I had no idea that there are photographers out there who charge their clients to keep their images private.

I agree with you 100%. It’s our job to protect our clients and make sure they’re happy. If that means keeping their images private, then so be it.

Thanks for sharing!

Brittany Adams - This is great! Privacy is definitely important and as professionals we need to respect our client’s wishes!

merryfields photography - Thank you Nichole!

Lindsay it’s been brought up in numerous discussions in various groups & forums I’m in where there are photographers that feel it is their right to post any and all photographs they are hired to take and if a client says no, then some do charge a ‘non-publish’ fee…which personally I think is unprofessional on their part.

Katherine - So informative! What a great post, you’ve brought awareness to a topic many aren’t even aware of!

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