Happy Valentine’s Day!! – Toronto Child Photographer

As many parents know, schools celebrate quite a few holidays.
One of those holidays is Valentine’s Day.

Now normally, I’ll take pictures of my kids to create their own Valentine Card, but this year, my son decided to skid on his face a bit…so no pictures.

My kids asked me to make sugar cookies, as they feel that I make pretty good ones. So yes apart from photography and photographing newborns, I do love to bake as well.


What started out being a cookie for each classmate, then the teachers, became for the secretary, for the principal, the librarian, the lunch room helpers, co-op students, anyone and everyone they could think of!

So, here I was, the day before Valentine’s Day, baking sugar cookies.
Rather than disappoint, I baked. And baked. Iced some and baked some more.
Literally all day.
I baked close to 200 cookies. Honest. Almost 200 cookies…wow!!

But, the look on my kids faces when they came home after school and they saw all the baking I did, realizing that they were going to be icing cookies for the night…and tasting them of course…was so worth it!

However, I did draw the line at writing their names on their Vday cards.
I let them do it instead. You know, the whole practice your penmanship thing?

Anyways, wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day today!

Toronto Photographer

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