Forest Valley Outdoor Education Centre

My son got to go on his first school trip this year. Needless to say he was super excited!

So was I though…since I volunteered to be one of the parent helpers. 😉

Forest Valley Outdoor Education Centre is a little jewel of forestry nestled in the Willowdale area. It has various programs that run through out the year, from various hiking programs, to Earth repair to maple syrup. We had the wonderful opportunity to do the maple syrup program.

Our guide Rich, was fantastic! He was so engaging with the students, had THE best maple syrup stories, was THE best storyteller that I’ve heard…and he made the trip fun and exciting for everyone!

The kids were able to tap a tree, to have a hands on experience on how they tap trees for maple syrup. They were able to taste the sap, the maple syrup -which is GOLDEN brown btw…not JUST plain ole’ brown! They also were able to taste what was my favorite….maple syrup candy!

We also got to go tubing…my first time…awesome…my son thought I was super cool for doing it! Yay! 😉

So GTA parents, if ever your kiddos are heading out on a trip to Forest Valley Outdoor Education Centre, volunteer! It is amazing there!

Also a very big kudos to my sons teacher, the other parents who volunteered and the staff at the Forest Valery Outdoor Education Centre that made us feel so welcomed.

Some photos from our day.


*Images edited manually and with the fab action ‘Feels Like Home’ set by Erin Hensley Photography which will be available March 11th!






Erin - What FUN! I would love to do this! Fresh maple syrup… mmmmm!!

Andy Poolhall - loved the school trips here – we went I the early 70’s! all seasons

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