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One of the worst things a parent has to go through is when their child is sick.  Personally I would rather be sick than my children be sick. I feel so bad for them and what they have to go through and I feel that while I’m a bit of a wuss when I get sick, I am better able to cope with it then they are.

This year hasn’t been that great for my little guy.

Ear infections.  Every single season they start up.

My son, last year had about 4.

This year he hasn’t been as lucky. This year he’s had closer to 7.

Three or four in the last 2 months.

My paediatrician Dr. Janette Milne (whom I absolutely LOVE) said that if he hits 6 in one year, then we need to worry. Well, as soon as we hit 6, I contacted my paediatrician and am now awaiting an appointment with the ENT (ears nose throat) specialist, Dr. Alma Smitheringale. <—love her too!

*Dr. Smitheringale actually performed minor surgery on both my children who were born tongue-tied and did an awesome job!

Today we went through it again. Started with the “Mama, my ear hurts.” and by the time I had his jacket and shoes on he was screaming in pain. Ugh ugh and more ugh!!!

I don’t play around when he tells me his ear hurts. I don’t give him any meds for the pain. I do take him to the doctors asap as I know what it is. He knows what it is.

Anyhow, my son seems to suffer from chronic ear infections.

Definition of: Chronic ear infection is fluid, swelling, or an infection behind the eardrum that does not go away or keeps coming back, and causes long-term or permanent damage to the ear.

That is what terrifies me.

I look at my son and to me he is perfect. I don’t want him to have these anymore. I do want to go to the doctors and be told that he is ok and won’t need to have tubes inserted (Tympanostomy Tube Surgery).

Maybe I’m over reacting.

But for me, he’s my little man and I just hate to see him miserable.

Very thankful that in Ontario we have a health system that just is this great. Where I can take my child to the doctors, children’s after hours clinic, specialist, hospital etc. and not have to pay a dime. Where I won’t be turned away and where I don’t have to stress that if I am not insured I’ll be putting my house up for sale to foot the bill.

I took him to the Children’s After Hours Clinic on Danforth. Dr. Gupta was fantastic in checking out my son. Thanks Dr. G!!

So patience for now…prayers and hope for the best.

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