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Fair Play

Revolution MMA Kids BJJ Competition – Toronto, Ontario, Professional Photographer

Last year I wrote about something personal that was affecting our family. It was hard to write because no one ever wantsView full post »

Bullying in Schools

Bullying, Decisions and Old School Solutions: Part II – Toronto Photographer

You are here because you probably read part one of my son’s  story “Bullying, Decisions and Old SchoolView full post »

Stop Bullying

Bullying, Decisions and Old School Solutions – Professional Photographer

First off, I am going to start by saying that I had a really hard time writing this. I had a chat with my son prior toView full post »

Toronto Foodie

Steve Harvey, Von Doughnuts and the Beginning of Our Culinary Expedition

One day last week, the kids and I were watching tv together while having a snack. We were watching The Steve Harvey ShowView full post »

Trapeze Act

Shrine Circus Came to Town…the Stress of It! – Professional Toronto Photographer

A few weeks back I came home and hit play on messages that were left on my residential line. One of those messages wasView full post »

Toronto Child Photographer

Cake Smash for Sweet Miss { J } ! – Toronto Newborn Photographer

I photographed this little one when she was just a bean in mummy’s tummy. Then I was lucky enough to see her forView full post »

Cake Smash for Mr. { H } – Toronto Child Photographer

Can we say adorable? Little Mr. { H } is one of the cutest little guys I have ever had the pleasure to photograph! HeView full post »

Little Miss S’s Cake Smash – Toronto Photographer

I’ve been photographing this little sassy miss from when she was 3 month’s old. She’s very sweet andView full post »

Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto

As some of you may recall, last year I started teaching a mini class for moms, at Mommy Connections, on how to takeView full post »

Mommy Connections North Toronto

I have to say that I am pretty lucky! About once a month I have the privilege of teaching a mini photography class toView full post »

Centre Island-Centerville-Toronto

With summer here there are a crazy amount of stuff that you can do with your family! One of my favourite places to takeView full post »

Toronto Family Photographer–Weekend Fun

I have to say, that it is always nice to be able to sit for a bit and just relax with my kiddos. Given the heat wave weView full post »

Mommy Connections North Toronto

I think that I have to say that I am a very very lucky person. Lucky because I have a wonderful supportive family, andView full post »

Toronto Zoo Visit 2012

This is going to be a combination of two days that we went to the zoo here in Toronto. Our first visit was during MarchView full post »

Kids Fun City

With a forecast of rain for this weekend, many parents sit and wonder where to take the kiddies to get them out of theView full post »

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