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Many clients, family and friends (and even strangers once we get to talking) have asked me how I decided to get into photography. Specifically what made me want to photograph babies and children.

Years ago, my daughter was a little over 5 months. I needed to get a photograph of her for a baptismal card. Like many who did not know any better, I went to a generic department store photo studio…

Absolute disaster.

The photographer , well, person with a camera asked me to put my daugher on one of those pedestal thingies…you know the ones that look like Corinthian columns and to then step away.

I was baffled so I asked her, “What do you mean step away? Like step away, step away? My daughter can’t sit up on her own for long…and if she falls she’s going to hurt herself!”

This person had the temerity to not only ask me again to step away, advising me that even though it was a muslin (think light cotton) drop covering a very hard wooden floor that it would actually protect my daughter if she did fall -from a  height of about 2-3 feet at 5 months old-but they made me feel like crap!! Like I was incompetent, did not know what a “PRO” was able to do, and I was ruining the shots by refusing to let go of my daughter so she wouldn’t face plant on the hardwood floor. What kind of an inconsiderate and irresponsible mother am I that I cannot allow my child to have a decent photograph taken of her??

I left in tears. I was upset. I promised myself never again. Never would I go to any department store or studio in a mall. Ever.

Then I thought to myself, how many others are treated like this? How many are pushed to get a shot with no regards to safety or the parents feelings?!

I decided after that, that the only person taking photographs of my children would be me.

I studied very hard, many times until 2-3 in the morning to obtain my photography diploma to give me a base of where to start. The education didn’t stop there. Workshops, online and in-person, continuous education (still up till 2-3am sometimes), joining associations like WPPI,  and becoming Nationally Accredited in Newborn and Childern & Infant photography through the PPOC etc., to help me further my craft, reading books, watching videos, and tremendously long hours of practice led me to where I am today.

Competitions were another way for me to improve my craft. Entering them was daunting and I didn’t always place. But the few silvers I did get through WPPI was well worth it.

Here’s what a safe picture should entail:  Parents on either side of the children to ensure their safety. If one falls, they are right there to catch them. By being safety conscious, everyone was relaxed, comfortable and I was able to capture a beautiful photograph of their lovely children!

I don’t believe that the photograph is the whole picture in custom photography.
It’s not just the end result I care about, but your experience as a whole, from the first consult we have together to discuss the type of session and styling, to when your product is picked up.
Your feelings and what you want out of your session with me is a big part of that as well.

I want you to be comfortable, know that I pracitce safe newborn techniques and  not only do I respect you and your family, but I will  provide you with beautiful timeless photographs that not just you will love, but your children’s children will love as well.

For you to have contacted me (and for that I thank you!) means that you are looking for an accredited professional photographer to take photos of your precious little one that you are expecting or perhaps your are looking to update your  family photos.

Hiring a professional photographer is about connecting with each other.
We connect, I create for you.
Moments that pass will be captured professionally with my skills, talents and a wee bit of magic!

Now a little bit about me, so we are not total strangers when we first chat!

Loves: my kids,  photography, sushi (well, pretty much all good food!), judo, kendo, kickboxing, working out,  the sea at night, the sea in the day, swimming, the beach, travelling, leaves in the fall, reading anything, ice cold coffe, I love love…and life

Dislikes: being cold, mean people, treadmills

Do we love or dislike any of the same things? Let me know when we connect!


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