What I Teach…

I teach my children to respect others and to be as kind as they
can be. It does not make them naive, or push overs or victims.
It does not limit their freedom of speech.

It makes them humane.

It makes them considerate, compassionate and caring individuals.

It teaches them goodness and teaches them that they can be
happy about themselves and doubly happy when able to help

It teaches them that their life will be as they make it.

If they fill it with negativity and meanness that is what they will be.
If they fill their lives with compassion, caring, consideration and
respect and optimism then the world truly is theirs.

It is so unnecessary to be negative to people.
If every single one of us was to do one act of kindness
(or refrain from one act of meanness) a day…
wouldn’t the world be a much better place?

Just because you sit behind a screen doesn’t make it ok to say harmful things about others.

So, if my words don’t get you maybe his will.


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