2016 Holiday Sessions – Client Special

Well, it’s that time of year again!! Christmas Holidays are coming up and every year (pretty much) I have been holding these little sessions for clients.
So far, thanks to all of you they have been a success!


Christmas Session, Holiday Session,

Last year was so much fun and I really enjoyed all the little ones that visited!! A few from last years vintage themed set up.


Holiday Session 2016, Toronto Mini Session, 2016 Holiday Session

A lot have been asking me if I am doing Hallowe’en sessions as well. Here’s the thing. I know that right now for all of us it can be hard to continuously pay for session after session. We have kids, we have extra -curricular activities, bills, etc and to have a photo session for every holiday is hard to do. In appreciation to each and every one of you, what I wanted to do this year is invite those who book a Christmas session to dress their kid up in a Hallowe’en outfit and let me photograph them!

It won’t take long either…literally a few minutes so you are all in and out very quickly!

Turn around for the photographs:  Hallowe’en photos you will get them later on that same day. Every child gets one digital photograph artists’ choice.
For the holiday ones it will be a 24 hour turn around as I know that many of you need to send out your cards asap.


Here’s the info:

Holiday Session 2016, Toronto Mini Session, 2016 Holiday Session





Please note that as a courtesy to others, you will not be invited into the studio until the prior session is completed. I want everyone to feel comfortable and not rushed.
Please do not come to the studio more than 5 minutes early but do make sure that you are on time. Lates will not have time added, but session time begins when it is booked for.

*All sessions require a 50% non-refundable reservation fee to hold a session slot. The remainder must be paid by November 2, 2016.*
*Sessions are non-transferable. One session per family and they cannot be combined.*
*Contract must be signed.*

*Session is for children 6months and up.*

**Non-Clients can book holiday session at $185**

**Friend discount applicable when both sign up. Not retroactive.**

***Photographs are for personal use only and not for commercial purposes, promotions, or contests. If required please speak to me about obtaining a license.***

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